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Taxi transfer to Izola

Booking Taxi connection or taxi transfer to Izola destination from Airport Ljubljana - Ljubljana airport taxi transfer Izola - Pre-order transfer service to top hotels in Izola from airport Ljubljana.


Ljubljana airport Taxi transfer to Izola - Izola is a lively Mediterranean town, distinctive for the amicable character and hospitality of its inhabitants. Nowadays, Izola is mostly a tourist-oriented town, nevertheless, it has remained faithful to its origins and dedicated to its primary activities of fishing as well as wine and oil production, traits making it so very distinctive from other seaside towns.

The town took its name after the Latin word for “island”, i.e. “insula”, on which it was first established. But it would never be what it is now without the identity of its people who try to preserve local traditions and a connected community of two nations, Slovenian and Italian, a communion of two languages and a shared love for their ho me town.

A rich and varied architectural heritage, mystical streets of the old town centre and majestic stone portals tell stories of a turbulent past, but Izola is exciting and a new page of history is written every day. The lively rhythm of cultural events and festivals, the suggestive fishing and hospitality habits, dances, entertainment and sports events are all an invaluable source of life and vibrant energy that keep Izola and the people alive, smiling and high-spirited.



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We do not provide from Ljubljana airport shuttle service to Izola, but it may happen that our transfer service is cheaper than the shuttle carriers located at the airport,especially if there are more passengers in the car or van vehicle and the whole amount of the carriage is shared among passengers

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