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Taxi transfer to Bohinj

Ljubljana airport transfer to Bohinj: order transfer service to popular place in Bohinj  - pre-order private transfer to hotels in Bohinj - airport pick up service to airbnb apartment or airbnb flats in Bohinj - booking business transfer to congress or business meeting in Bohinj - Taxi transfer to lake Bohinj from Airport Ljubljana

 Ljubljana airport Taxi transfer to Bohinj - Bohinj is top natural and cultral attractions.The largest natural lake in Slovenia with endless opportunities for outdoor activities.

Lake Bohinj is located in a glacial valley and it comprises almost 100 million cubic metres of water – according to an old Bohinj joke: no more than a bucket if it is large enough. The steeply descending lake basin is relatively smoothly shaped and has no shallow areas. In summer, the temperature of the water rises to 22 °C; in winter, the lake freezes sometimes. Water level rises 2 – 3 metres after heavy rainfall.

Lake Bohinj is perfect for water activities all year round – from swimming, boat riding, wind surfing, kayaking or canoeing, fishing and diving in warmer months, to (sometimes) even ice skating in winter. Visitors can also take a wonderful tourist boat ride or simply go for a relaxing walk along the shore. If ice stating is an option, please be aware, that you can only skate and walk on ice at your own responsibility. We recommend you to be extremely cautious!

Booking Taxi transfer to BOHINJ from Ljubljana airport - price already from 60 eur for a car

We do not provide from Ljubljana airport shuttle service to Bohinj, but it may happen that our transfer service is cheaper than the shuttle carriers located at the airport,especially if there are more passengers in the car or van vehicle and the whole amount of the carriage is shared among passengers

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