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Taxi transfer to Ankaran

Taxi Transfer to Ankaran destination from airport Ljubljana.


Ljubljana airport Taxi transfer to Ankaran - The favourable climate has undoubtedly influenced the development of early tourism in the area. Here the Austrians built a health resort for naval officers. And the world-renowned Valdoltra Orthopedic Hospital has moved into the old children’s seaside resort. On the cape Debeli rtič, where nowadays children and young people spend their holidays, the Youth and Health resort of the SRC Debeli Rtič has been opened years ago.

Once a small village, Ankaran has started to develop as a tourist destination after the Second World War. Today it is one of the most developed tourist settlements in Slovenia, mainly due to its beautiful nature, long coastline and authentic location. Ankaran is home to one of the largest campsites in Slovenia with 1600 camping places; there are also swimming pools, sports fields and, above all, about a kilometre long sandy beach, better known to the older locals as San Nicolò. The beach ends in its southern part with a pier, which is also the last point of the Slovenian mountain transversal.


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