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Taxi to Portorož

Taxi transfer to Portorož from airport Ljubljana.


Taxi to Portorož

Portoroz is a famous tourist city in the Slovenian coast. It is a popular place to relax, entertain and also for work. The town began to develop already in the Roman period. In the 13th century became locally known as a resort place. Today is Portoroz full with hotels, restaurants, bars, casino, old villas and more. We can see the auditorium, a marina, interesting churches, railway tunnel on the route Triest – Porec (Parenzana) and many other. The most famous hotels are Kempinski Palace Portoroz, Grand Hotel Metropol and Casino, Grand Hotel Portoroz, Grand Hotel Bernardin and others. The nightlife takes place in bars on the beach as are Alaya and Pepper Club. The Portoroz Auditorium is a cultural, promotional and conference centre. Marina Portoroz is a modern port, located on the edge of Portoroz. It is an ideal starting point for cruises in the Adriatic Sea.

Do you need Taxi to Portorož hotel - transfer to Portorož apartment - transfer service to Portorož resort from Ljubljana airport - taxi price already from 110 eur for a car


Do you have a congress or business meating in Portorož and you need transport??



We do not provide from Ljubljana airport shuttle service to city Portorož, but it may happen that our transportation,transfer  service,individual service,private service,taxi service,business service,connection to Portorož resort is cheaper than the shuttle carriers located at the airport,especially if there are more passengers in the car or van vehicle and the whole amount of the carriage is shared among passengers - Send us e-mail and Ask for your travel price to popular place Portorož...

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