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Taxi to Ankaran

Taxi Transfer to Ankaran from airport Ljubljana - Airport Ljubljana transfer service to Ankaran


Taxi to Ankaran - Ankaran lies on the southern part of the Ankaran peninsula, right next to the Italian border, and is only an hour away from the Slovenian capital. The visitors place the fascination with their greenery, hills, vineyards and olive groves that reverberate the feelings of homeliness, sympathy and kindness. The nature and pleasant Mediterranean climate, which makes the winter so pleasant, invites you to take a walk, walks and cycling excursions. In the summer visitors are invited to visit the beaches with a restaurant and quiet green corners. The event also encompasses numerous events, from concerts for different tastes to culinary events, where local producers are offered to taste their delicacies.


Do you need Taxi to Ankaran hotels - transport to Ankaran apartments - transfer to Ankaran resort from Ljubljana airport - cheap taxi fare price already from 90 eur for a car

We do not provide from Ljubljana airport shuttle service to Ankaran, but it may happen that our transportation,transfer  service,individual service,private service,taxi service,business service,connection to Ankaran is cheaper than the shuttle carriers located at the airport,especially if there are more passengers in the car or van vehicle and the whole amount of the carriage is shared among passengers - Send us e-mail and Ask for your travel price to Ankaran...


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